Help needed for Vet’s recovery

Sergeant First Class Khan H. Eakin, wife Donielle, and son Mylan

During drill at Fort Bragg, NC in February 2017, Sergeant First Class Khan H. Eakin was leading his team on a routine drill when tragedy struck. In a Split second, he was knocked to the ground with severe pain in his foot and lower leg. Before he knew what happened, a HUMMV was on top of him pinning him to the ground. Due to quick action by the driver, fellow soldiers and emergency crews, Khan was taken quickly to Fort Bragg hospital for immediate surgery. While action was swift, Khan now faces 12-18 months of recovery for the severe damage to his foot. His family now faces the burden and added expenses for travel in order to be together as a family during the weekends.

Sergeant First Class Khan H. Eakin joined the National Guard 17 years ago. During his tenure with the National Guard, he has served three deployments to Iraq, one to Afghanistan and one to Egypt. He has faced many dangerous and life threatening situations to serve his family and his country proudly. Khan is proud to wear his uniform and would not have it any other way. Even though he is a Guardsman, his daily responsibilities include working for the Army as a Transition Assistance Specialist. His functions include coordinating events for family members of deployed servicemen as well as helping the deployed and their families, transition back into society and everyday life. He is a true hero and it is an honor to have someone like this fighting for us!

In 2010, Khan met his now wife, Donielle (Jopko) Eakin. He has served as a faithful husband and father to Donielle and their son Mylan. The sacrifices that they make as a family to ensure our country is safe are great. Please help them on their journey to recovery.